Below is a list of what Team 4:39 feels are the top carp fishing areas in Ontario

1.  Long Sault Ontario - St Lawrence River

Historically, Long Sault was a rapid in the St. Lawrence River west of Cornwall Ontario

The Long Sault created a navigation barrier along the river for much of its history, necessitating the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway in the 1950s as the size of ships and the volume of shipping traffic along the river began to exceed the capacity of the area's canal locks.

The construction, in part, required the flooding of a large swath of land near the rapids, both to facilitate a hydroelectric dam and to make the rapids area more navigable. The flooded region includes Ontario's Lost Villages.(1)

Now, Long Sault (and the St Lawrence River)has become almost legendary as a carp fishing mecca around the globe.  Every year during spring, summer and fall countless numbers of carp anglers descend on Long Sault and the surrounding area in search of St Lawrence Gold.

Fishing can be fast and furious with endless numbers of fish in the high teens and upper twenties.  Fish in the 30 pound range are fairly common, but fish in the 40 and 50 pound range are captured as well.

There are a couple carp fishing outfitters in the area that will be more than happy to put you onto fish.  Team 4:39's preferred guide service, The Canadian Carp Club at the Long Sault Motel offer complete fishing holidays for all you carping needs.  They also have a well stocked carp tackle shop on site that won't disappoint.

If you're an avid carp angler and looking for the trip of a lifetime, contact Jeff Vaughan at

2.  Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands are not just known for walking, roller blading and cycling.  Many carp anglers also find awesome carp fishing along its many bays, and waterways.

Located a short ferry ride from Downtown Toronto, the Islands are a jewel at the doorstep of Toronto.  With numerous pavillions, eateries and miles of trails, there is something for the whole family to do while you pursue some giant carp.

Each Spring, numerous fisherman haul their gear over on the ferry and are rewarded with serious numbers of quality carp.   Not only is it one of the most scenic places to carp fish, there is ample bank space all around.  Many fish over 30 pounds are roaming the waters here.   Toronto Islands are a must see for the serious carp angler.

3.  Niagara Whirlpool

Located along the Niagara Parkway in Niagara Falls Ontario, the whirlpool is an amazing place to fish for carp.  The carp here are every bit as powerful and spirited as the carp on the St Lawerence River.

Anglers will face swift currents while fishing the Whirlpool.  Heavy leads and heavy rods are a must if you want to land that Niagara River Monster.

Access to the whirlpool is not for the faint of heart, it is a steep climb down through a scenic, forested trail.  You'd better pack light because the walk back up is quite challenging.

Again, anglers can expect numerous fish ranging from the mid-teens up to 30lbs or over.


4.  Lake Erie North Shore - Long Point to Niagara River

Lake Erie is the 11th largest lake in the world in surface area and the 4th largest of the great lakes in surface area but smallest by volume.  It is the shallowest of all the great lakes.

Lake Erie is the warmest and most biologically productive of the Great Lakes, and the Lake Erie walleye fishery is widely considered the best in the world.  Fortunately for most carp anglers, it is also extremely productive when it comes to finding big carp.

There is between 150 and 200 km of shore line between Long Point and the Niagara River with at least 10 different ports and numerous lakeside communities.

Although Shore access can be difficult to find, many of the small ports and communities have some sort of public access.  If you have the time to do a bit of exploring, you will definitely be rewarded with plenty of large fish.  Lake Erie has produced some great catches, and the next Ontario record carp will most definitely be captured from these waters.


5.  Kawarthas - Rice Lake, Pigeon Lake

The Kawarthas are another carp fishing destination for many UK anglers.  Every summer, countless anglers fish these waters for giant carp.  There are a few small resorts that offer carp fishing in the area.

Due to the amount of cottages and summer homes in the area, bank space can be hard to come by, but if you can secure a fishing spot, you won't be disappointed.

There are carp of all sizes in the Kawarthas, and they are there in huge numbers as well.

6.  Bay of Quinte - Lake Ontario

Approximatly 2 hours east of Toronto Quinte is a long, thin bay shaped like the letter "Z" on the northern shore of Lake Ontario.  It is close to the mouth of the St Lawrence River that connects the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. It is located about 200 kilometers east of Toronto and 400 west of Montreal. 
Beginning in the east with the outlet to Lake Ontario, the bay runs west-southwest for 25 kilometers to Picton this section is also called Adolphus Reach, where it turns north-northwest for another 20 kilometers as far as Deseronto.  From there it turns south-southwest again for another 40 kilometers, running past Big Island on the south and Belleville on the north. The width of the bay rarely exceeds two kilometers. The bay ends at Trenton (Quinte West) and the Trent River, both also on the north side.

There are several sub-bays off the Bay of Quinte, including Hay Bay, Big Bay, and Muscote Bay.  These back waters are ideal for carp fishing especially during the spring and early summer.  There are numerous resorts and vacation spots that are begging to be explored by the avid carp angler.  Again, as with most of our top 10, there is the potential for some truely large carp in the Bay of Quinte.


7.  GTA Lake Ontario Ports - Bronte to The Bluffs and Beyond

With countless KM's of shoreline, creeks, rivers, numerous ports, parks and trails along this stretch of Lake Ontario, there are too many choices to list.

Nearly all ports, marinas, parks, piers and river mouths along this strech offer vast choices of bank access for carp anglers.  Carp fishing in Ontario owes it's roots to the anglers that have plyed these waters in search of a trophy fish.

If you live in any of the citys and communites along this stretch, you have more than likely seen more than a few people fishing for carp.

Lake Ontario is clearly home to tens of thousands of carp.  All there for your taking.  Get out and explore.

Use this link to get you started:

8.  Little Lake Peterborough

Part of the Trent Severn System, Little Lake in Peterborough has given up some truly outstanding carp.  There are many locals and tourists from the UK that fish here all spring, summer and fall for carp.

Being part of the Trent system, these fish spend most of their lives in the moving waters.  Although not quite as spirited as the carp in the St Lawerence River or the Niagara, these beast will make you arms hurt after scrapping it out with a mid-20lb fish.

Bank Space is extremely limited here, so get there early and secure your spot.

9.  Hamilton Harbour

Situated at the western edge of Lake Ontario and home base for Team 4:39, Hamilton is mostly known as a gritty steel town. What isn't known by most, is that Hamilton Harbour has a healthly supply of carp.

The City of Hamilton has done a fabulous job in the past couple of decades to revitalize the waterfront.  What was once mostly industrial lands with very little public access, is now becoming very pedestrian and angler friendly.

The western edge of Hamilton Harbour boasts a number of waterfront parks and piers that give plenty of bank access for fishermen.  The eastern end of the harbour does offer some pier and bank fishing, but space can be limited depending on the time of year.

Most of the time, the carp are eager to take your offerings.  Plenty of fish in the teens, and also a good head of 20's with occasional 30 and 40 pounders landed.


10. Lower Grand River - Dunnville to Port Maitland

Dunnville is a small town of 6,000 people located along the Grand River on Highway #3, between the Niagara and Hamilton regions, and less than an hour away from the U.S. border. It is located near the mouth of the Grand River in Haldimand County.

Originally built as the entrance to the Welland "feeder" canal, the town once boasted several water-powered mills and a once-bustling canal port. The feeder canal closed in the late 1880s and the last mill was destroyed and replaced with a condominium complex about ten years ago.

There is an impassable dam at Dunnville which regulates the level of the Grand River at Port Maitland.

Port Maitland is a small community on the North shore of Lake Erie, at the mouth of the Grand River.
At one time a canal connected the Welland Canal to the Grand River. It was once a thriving commercial fishing village. The population of Port Maitland is approximately 100 people. It is the home of the former Maitland Arms Hotel, a thriving rock n' roll venue from the late '60s to mid '70s. 

This section of the Grand fishes extremely well for carp in the spring to early summer.  Each year, there are numerous carp over 30 pounds landed in the lower Grand River.  If you fancy a bit of channel cat fishing, they are also quite prolific in the area.

The Grand Island Bar-B-Q is located right below the dam in Dunnville.  They offer plenty of bank space and even overnight fishing for a small daily fee.


Honourable Mention - Trent Severn System

The Trent–Severn Waterway is a Canadian canal system formerly used for industrial and transportation purposes and now for recreational and tourism purposes, connecting Lake Ontario at Trenton to the Georgian Bay portion of Lake Huron at Port Severn.  Its major natural waterways include the Trent River, Otonabee River, the Kawartha lakes, Lake Simcoe, Lake Couchiching and the Severn River. It traverses Southern Ontario's "cottage country".

With so much water, the Trent Severn System is full of hungry carp. 

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